Friday, March 14, 2008

heavy on my thoughts...

shearing freyja
Originally uploaded by allyhunterfox.

can it already be time to plan for this?

this pic was of my first time shearing and oh how much i've learned. i want to go to shearing school this year to really learn the tricks to easy shearing because so far it has been far from easy.

the winter was particularly hard on three dog farm. too much snow. we were thankful that we bought the tractor when we did.

my blogging has suffered as my day job has taken over my life. but, we are in the final stretch and i will have my first year of teaching under my belt. i managed to learn a few things that i hope will make next year much smoother!

on a final note, i am in total awe and utterly inspired by the extraordinary blogging skills of perri over at maggie's farm (now in my sidebar) i check in daily and it is always a good read. go see my little olive's birth story there!