Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Shearing

Where has the time gone?

It was already time for fall fleeces to come off this weekend. Melissa did all 17 in one shot and she did an amazing job. We even had some dissenters who took a really long time to catch. I was fortunate to have a lot of help this weekend including my brother Rob who did an amazing job helping me with all my farm projects.
Rob watching Melissa with the first sheep of the day!

One of this years lambs, Jokull, beautiful downy lambswool!

Twins Freyja and Snorri lead the rebel pack of four that took us almost an additional hour to wrangle. Exhausting!

Saga, my ram, went last. Once again, he had an incredible fleece. Although, his son, Jett took first prize this year for the herd and I decided to keep Jett's fleece to handspin myself! First time for me. I also held Pattur's fleece back to do something special with because sadly he is at the end of his wool production.

Saga being shorn.

A tiring but very rewarding day! I'm so proud of my flock. The fleeces are beautiful, parasite load is low, and everyone's body condition looks great. I am heading into winter with happy and healthy flock.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Fall Update!!

Wow! It has been a while. It is time for Fall shearing and I realized my last post was Spring shearing.

I just returned from the Vermont sheep and wool festival totally inspired and cannot wait to get my fleeces off next week!

I took a three hour spinning class, and finally got on my wheel and started making some yarn! It was a great workshop!
Our awesome instructor Patty Blomgren showed us the ropes from raw fleece, to spun yarn.

Met these two ladies, Alicia and Michelle, who also raise Icelandics!!

I also completed my FAMACHA training with Chet Parsons from the UVM extension. This is so exciting for me because I am a huge fan of not overusing anthemintics in my flock, but have had some trouble with anemia in my lambs. I had a close call with Geysir, one of my ram lambs, in July. He already had signs of extreme anemia when I found him and luckily a dose of Ivomec worked....not usually the case when they already have 'bottlejaw' as he did. So, now, with my FAMACHA score card, I can look for earlier signs and treat appropriately. YAY!!
The great Chet Parsons demonstrating eyelid examination.
And here I am demonstrating I am fully trained thus earning the coveted FAMACHA card!