Wednesday, February 14, 2007

three dog clover

we decided to name our new puppy clover. she is growing so fast.

parsnip is also growing up as well. here she is in her winter coat! i have hopes of her being as tall as her mother which is about 12.2 hands. a great size for driving, but also large enough for me to be able to train her under saddle for kids. i am small enough to ride the ponies so if she is a sturdy 12.2, i may be able to get away with riding her.

my haflinger pony, louise, is only about 14 hands and she is plenty of horse for me. i have not ridden her all winter and as you can see, her mane and forelock need some attention.


MikaJ said...

can i ride your halflinger pony in my halflinger clogs?

Silver Maple Leaf said...

ooh what beautiful babies you have.