Tuesday, March 06, 2007

chicken pot pie

i am from pennsylvania originally, and that means i love me some chicken pot pie. i decided i need to find something (beyond chicken soup) to do with all of the cockerels that end up in my freezer from time to time.

the small farmer's journal
featured chicken recipes in the winter edition. this included two pot pie recipes so i gave it a try with some chicken breast from a local farm. next time i will it with one of our whole birds.

it required making a rue, which my polish grandmother had taught me to do when i was 11 to make her famous kapusti (sauerkraut) soup.
it came out pretty good, a little too salty this time, but pretty much like i remember it from pennsylvania dutch country.

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MikaJ said...

oh man, that looks so good! nice crust!