Saturday, May 05, 2007


at five days old, star has suddenly come to life. he is so fun to watch--running sideways and bucking.

i've got the feedings spaced to every 4 hours and i'll be stretching it to 5 by monday. i give the goats their hay right up against his cage, so he has been nibbling at it out of curiosity. i will begin introducing some alfalfa and grains this coming week.

still tons of planting going on as things arrive in the mail...the first 24 fruit trees are in the ground, strawaberries and raspberries are in the ground, and tomorrow go the grapes and blueberries. more fruit trees are on the way because we had room for another row and stark bros had a sale flier that i couldn't resist.
i'll end with a shot of the girls looking for their treats.


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Glad he's coming along o.k. Sounds like he's going to make it just fine. By the way--his little sugar lips give him away as a black with grey. Cute. Have fun with him---he'll love you forever MOM.

rhonda jean said...

looks like he's doing well. You're going to have a great fruit garden with all those plantings. What treats do you give your donkeys?