Thursday, May 29, 2008

last one

i thought that lambing was over with the delivery of olive's ewe. i was wrong. back in december, christmas day actually, my ewe snazzy (olive's mom!), was very ill and to make a long story short, we were operating under the assumption she was not yet bred and removed her from the herd. she remained away from my ram until about april.

once lambing was over, i started shearing everyone. and once i sheared her i noticed her udder was mildly developed. then, as i watched over the next couple of weeks, her belly expanded. so, i prepared myself for another lambing!

she gave birth early in the morning on may 27 to this adorable, tiny lamb:

i suppose that even though she was on death's door on christmas, she was in the process of conceiving! this is the cutest little lamb i have ever seen. so petite and such a rich, dark brown. we have named her sukki, which i derived from of the icelandic word for chocolate.

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P said...

Congratulations Snazzy (And Ally). What a cutie!