Monday, November 08, 2010


The oldest member of my flock died over the weekend of old age. She was already a seasoned ewe when I got her along with her ewe lamb Olive. While I had her she gave me two wonderful lambs, Sukki and Kyra.

Sukki inherited her mother's incredible maternal instincts and has the most incredible chocolate colored fleece (her name which comes from súkkulaði the Icelandic word for chocolate).

This year's lamb Kyra, pictured above, is the spitting image of her mother and I hope she also has inherited her maternal instincts. (Kyra is named for the kÿr, the Icelandic word for cow!).

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Perri said...

Sorry to hear of Snazzi's passing. She was a sweet girl. I'm glad she found her way to you :)