Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mathilda and Maisie

I decided on names for the new goats. Maisie is the brown and Mathilda is the roan.

The dairy goats have been a work in progress...not just a random, quick decision. I was looking back an an old post from 2007 where I was ready for a dairy goat. But, alas, life got complicated and busy. The sheep thing really took off. And now, finally, a space has opened up in life and these two doelings fit perfectly into it. Reading the old post and having the goat dream realized really feels good. There is merit to thinking and planning in life. Things do come to fruition. Work and patience and good decisions, and even bad ones...they all play a part in the evolution of new things.

So I guess what I am feeling is a little bit of pride for investing in my ideas and making them happen in due time. I did it with grad school (the first go round!), a career teaching biology, a farm, Icelandic sheep, producing my own wool, the birth of a mule after a devastating first try, and now I hope I am doing it again with my doctorate. All in due time.

I leave you with some baby goat ridiculousness:


Eloise's said...

Awww....the girls look so cute and happy! I'm glad you are giving them such a great home. It means so much to me that you love them that much already!

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw goats I was standing on a bale of hay, my back to this young billy who reared up like some big ram and butted me off the bale and calmly started eating the hay. He challenged me again when I tried to resume my spot. I think thatis in their DNA.

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