Monday, October 03, 2011

Fall Update!!

Wow! It has been a while. It is time for Fall shearing and I realized my last post was Spring shearing.

I just returned from the Vermont sheep and wool festival totally inspired and cannot wait to get my fleeces off next week!

I took a three hour spinning class, and finally got on my wheel and started making some yarn! It was a great workshop!
Our awesome instructor Patty Blomgren showed us the ropes from raw fleece, to spun yarn.

Met these two ladies, Alicia and Michelle, who also raise Icelandics!!

I also completed my FAMACHA training with Chet Parsons from the UVM extension. This is so exciting for me because I am a huge fan of not overusing anthemintics in my flock, but have had some trouble with anemia in my lambs. I had a close call with Geysir, one of my ram lambs, in July. He already had signs of extreme anemia when I found him and luckily a dose of Ivomec worked....not usually the case when they already have 'bottlejaw' as he did. So, now, with my FAMACHA score card, I can look for earlier signs and treat appropriately. YAY!!
The great Chet Parsons demonstrating eyelid examination.
And here I am demonstrating I am fully trained thus earning the coveted FAMACHA card!

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