Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring again!

I have gotten several contacts about my you are all still out there! I'm sorry for not keeping up. I will be more vigilant about posting starting today!

It's almost time for spring shearing. With such a mild winter, I am going to have the flock shorn very early in April.

I will be at the CT Sheep and Wool festival at the end of the month with a ton of yarn and the raw spring fleeces! Come check us out!

On March 10th, despite my incredible jet-lag from traveling to Africa!, I held a wool science workshop for Massachusetts Ag in the Classroom's winter teachers conference.

It was a blast and everyone enjoyed the felting activities. It was the first time I used my flocks wool for a felting project and I must say....Icelandic is wonderful for felting.

Her are some pics from the day:


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