Sunday, January 29, 2006

A New Addition

Two weeks ago I adopted a Haflinger pony named Louise. She is broke to ride and drive and I hope to learn some practical horse farming with her this summer. I've done some research and there are many farming impliments available for Haflinger ponies specifically. I'm not sure how much we can do with her on our small acreage...but I aim to try.


MikaJ said...

I am so excited about your blog!
You should email it to PP so he doesnt think we are crazy...

bugheart said...

i always wanted a pony!
when are you going to get alpacas?
don't you have sheep?
then you could make yarn....
"rooster yarn"
"blind turkey yarn"...
and you could respell
her name "purl"!

MassHorseGirl said...
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MassHorseGirl said...

I am so excited that everything worked out with your pony! Sometimes the stars are aligned just right. That's how I ended up with Gin :)

I can't wait to meet Lu-Lu!