Friday, February 24, 2006

never a dull moment...

On wednesday morning, fox came in from walking the dogs in the back field and said to get out the first aid stuff b/c Fort had cut himself. He seemed a little frantic, so I stepped out back to see the damage and nearly fainted. Fort had torn the entire front of his paw open! I saw tendons, bones, the whole deal. Luckily, I am super equipped for a variety of animal emergencies and was able to quickly assess the damage, flush it out, wrap it, and off we went to Tufts.

The good news was that none of the tendons had been lacerated and they were able to put everthing back together. The bad news was that Fort would have to go under anesthesia (a little scary for an old dog). But, all turned out well and Fort is home recovering as we speak. He is not amused by the collar he has to wear to prevent him from chewing at his stitches. In two weeks, I will remove the sutures and Fort will be back to normal. Here he is still groggy and not happy about his Elizabethan collar...

and here is his Frankenstein-looking paw! Poor Fort!!

In other news, the mushrooms did indeed flip open and they were incredible. We had them with some kale and garlic and they were literally the best mushrooms I've ever had! So, fox and I have officially put building a mushroom house on our list!

I received the wonderful, hand-made tea cosy from bugheart! It is my first official piece of donkey paraphernalia and it was bugheart's first tea cosy! I love it, truly, not only b/c it has a donkey on it but because it is made from recycled, felted wool sweaters AND it really works!! How I've gotten this far in my tea drinking life with out a tea cozy is beyond me!

Thanks bugheart! You rock!


bugheart said...

yeah rooster, you're back.
poor poor fort.
it is good to well equpt for animal emergencies...
although tarn coming out of my cats bottom was a new one for me!

glad you like the cozy... things are in the works for mikaj who i am sure is mad she hasn't gotten a valentine.

ms. pea said...

so! cute! i love the cozy and am now in love with gina the donkey, if she looks anything (at all) like her bugheart portrait. glad fort's okay!

MikaJ said...

poor fort!
margot says "get well"!