Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Morning Chores

My donkey was exceptionally lovey this morning so I am posting a picture of her. This is Gina (aka Virginia Woolf).

She is always happy to see me in morning for breakfast. She is not happy about being on a diet. Gina needs to slim down so that she can 1) be healthy and 2) have a baby!

This spring, Gina will be trained to pull a cart.

You laugh now, but when the oil is gone and this country is a parking lot I will be trotting passed you in my grass-fed donkey mobile!


bugheart said...

she's adorable! hell with a pony,
i want a donkey!
i am going to have a alpaca-mobile that spits at everyone.

MikaJ said...

gina is too awesome!
maybe someone will get a felted bag for their birthday...