Sunday, April 08, 2007

the easter tree

the easter bunny left booty for all in our egg basket this morning. even sissy the cat got a little mouse. funny how when there are no human children around, pets make excellent substitutes. especially around the holidays.

this is my poor attempt at an easter tree. when i was little, easter was a big deal for my polish catholic grandparents. my grandmother and i used to make pretty elaborate decorations for the easter tree. we would carefully crack all of the breakfast eggs for weeks ahead of time and save the halves. these we would dye and then put the cutest little feathery chicks in. i wonder where my grandmother got those, they had real feathery stuff all over them. the easter tree was usually a big, blooming forsythia branch. so, here is my version: a pussy willow tree decorated with blown out turkey eggs.

also, my seed order came! i will start some things indoors this week and begin direct sowing others in a couple more weeks. we are still in the 20s at night. april is always a deceiving month and you have to resist the urge to plant. i NEVER put plants out in the garden before mid-may. the tomato seedlings will spend a lot of time in the coldframe before i trust may enough to put them out.


El said...

Are you up in the Berkshires, Rooster? Just wondering as it seems to be so cold still where you are that you can't do some outdoor seed-starting. (though I should talk as there's now 3" of the white stuff covering all my little plant babies out there.) Anyway, beets, peas, and fava beans should be okay to start. Spinach too. But everything comes soon enough and then that's all you do is plant-sit.

And happy Easter. Even when you do have a human child, sometimes you don't go hog-wild with the decorations. Though my husband and the kid did try their hands at Martha Stewart's vegetable dye eggs (weird, but interesting colors).

rooster said...

no, i am only in central mass. but, we haven't been able to work the ground too much yet. we kind of got it started, but once again it went down in the 20s overnight so we are frozen again. i give it another week and another good weekend of tilling things up and then i will be able to get the seeds out--brassicas, beets, turnips, etc.

my hens have been doing a good job of helping w/ the tilling and compost spreading! those ladies can dig.

happy easter!

Deepak said...

hey farmer....nice blog...