Monday, April 02, 2007

more garden space

last year, i was really impressed that we even got a garden in. this year, we are already expanding by adding a few more plots.

there are two spots adjacent to the big garden that i want to cultivate--one for a pumpkin and squash patch and one for strawberries and raspberries.

sunday, instead of another day helping fox with the orchard clearing, i got to work on garden bed number one. it is a nice plot between the big garden and the turkey run (which is getting moved elsewhere this spring.)

the rocks that make the border to the left all came out of the big garden. so i continued the stone border trend as i pulled them out of the ground. there is no shortage of rocks here and although they make sinking post holes impossible (think one hole per 4 hours of work) they are handy for borders, fire pits, and grave sites. which brings me to my next point.

lady rose and my donkey gina were inseparable. they even shared a stall.

the young pear tree at the top of the new bed marks the grave of my old mare, Lady Rose. i had Rose since i was a little kid and i had her put down last april--a few weeks shy of her 35th birthday. she had been falling/lying down and then would not be able to get up without assistance. finally, the day came when i was not able to get her up and neither could the vet and i put together. so, we put her down right where she lay and my neighbors brought their backhoe around and buried her. i planted the pear tree for her because she was very fond of pears. she preferred them to apples. it is never easy to put such a large animal 'to sleep', but honestly she went so quietly and quickly. it makes me happy to know she had a good life and that i was able to care for her throughout her old age. and now she is part of the farm for good!

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