Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy birthday parsnip!

parsnip is officially a yearling. she is about 11 hands now and donkeys grow until age 4 or 5 so there is hope she will get a bit taller. she will definitely get stockier--she still looks very much like a baby. that is a fur belly she has, not a hay belly.

fox and i teamed up and sheared pattur this weekend. you can see what he looked like before here. i think his adult wool is going to be a bit darker than his lamb wool was. (i'm very excited to see what color his and freyja's lamb will be!)

i'm slightly getting the hang of shearing, but not quite. at least this time i got the fleece off almost in one piece. shearing is certainly an art and i hope to master it at some point in life. for now, i will just keep practicing.

freyja's udder has become quite noticeable so i am hoping for a lamb this week. from the date i last saw them breeding, i calculated her due date to be the last week of april. she seems to be right on schedule! the passed couple of days her belly has just exploded and she sort of has a wide stance. i wonder if she knows what is pending--i always wonder that about animals.


dragonfly183 said...

I didn't realize that the wool came of the sheep so heavily matted like that.

The little donkey is adorable :).

rooster said...


pattur's fleece was a little 'felted' underneath because i let him go a full year. normally, icelandics can be sheared twice a year. you can see that freyja has shorter wool because she was shorn in novemeber. now she can be shorn again after she has her baby. so the fleece wouldn't be so long and shabby, like pattur's is. but, they do come off all in one piece!