Saturday, April 14, 2007

making room for the orchard--part two

today we used our burn permit for the first time. we had two huge piles of dead vine/brush type stuff and there was no chance of it going into the chipper shredder so burning was our best bet. i'm not an advocate of burning stuff just to get rid of it but since we will be planting 25 trees in return for clearing the brush, i think the carbon will balance itself out. this photo was taken from the same exact spot as this before shot.

here are some other veiws of our newly cleared land:

the goats and donkeys have been loving the land clearing because they get all the pine we cut down.


dragonfly183 said...

oooh i am so glad that i don't have to have a burn permit to burn here.

Robbyn said...

Your animals are so beautiful!